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TUBTRAX: end-to-end baggage transportation in carriers

TUBTRAX is Vanderlande’s high-speed individual carrier system (ICS) for fast and high-volume transport seamlessly working with in tub screening, storage of baggage and final sortation. It was the first ICS solution in the world and is currently operational at airports around the world, including Oslo, London Heathrow, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Vancouver, Jeddah (King Abdulaziz) and Istanbul Airport to name a few.

Carrier-based systems bring uniformity to the baggage handling process, enabling a more reliable operation, higher speeds and higher throughput. As each bag stays completely within the confines of its carrier throughout the baggage handling process, risk of damaged bags and disruption to the system is negligible. TUBTRAX facilitates 100% track and trace of individual bags using an RFID in each carrier, which means the number of mishandled bags is minimized.

TUBTRAX includes a choice of (early) bag store options, which complement the system’s seamless operation with fast bulk or individual storage, retrieval and batch-building capabilities. In combination with BAGSTORE and VIBES, TUBTRAX is able to optimize the stream of cold, warm and hot bags in the most efficient way, both reducing operational costs and improving the bag process performance.


  • high-capacity and high-speed baggage handling
  • high levels of reliability and availability
  • minimized mishandled bag rates shortened connection times
  • compact design and flexible configuration (can be used in mixed flows)
  • no requirement for unloading before screening
  • robust and reliable design
  • short installation and commissioning
  • safe to operate, scalable and easy to maintain
  • low energy consumption.

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