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Digitalization is becoming increasingly common in the world of aviation and has much to offer. Digital platforms that facilitate connectivity and innovation will soon be essential in further optimizing the entire value chain and providing a common understanding and language.

These platforms will also enable all stakeholders to exceed passenger expectations and create new opportunities to generate revenue.

Vanderlande has been a trusted supplier of baggage handling solutions for more than 60 years – airports and airlines are our customers, and the aviation industry is our home. Our close relationships with airports around the world have also allowed us to develop powerful, customer-centric IT solutions designed to optimize any operations.

VIA Digital Suite

The introduction of new technologies, increasing passenger expectations, and the possibility of streamlining assets and processes – through smart use of data – are the main drivers for the digitalization of airports worldwide.

Vanderlande’s VIA Digital Suite helps you realize your digital transformation and optimize your operations. It provides flexible, data-driven solutions, designed for specific operational and strategic needs, such as baggage and passenger handling, as well as performance monitoring and business intelligence.

Through increased connectivity, the VIA Digital Suite solutions can also form the backbone of collaborative innovation between airports, Vanderlande and other industry partners.

VIA Digital Suite comprises the following solutions:

VIA Insights
VIA Insights is a cloud-based, data-driven solution that provides users with actionable insights into the performance of the baggage handling processes and systems. It is Vanderlande’s data analytics and intelligence solution, designed to optimize baggage operations when used in combination with VIBES, the company’s baggage handling system control software suite.

VIA Exchange
VIA Exchange is a high-security solution that provides real-time connectivity. It facilitates data exchange between airport systems, authorized third-party systems, and other modules within the VIA Digital Suite.

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VIBES offers complete control of airport baggage handling operations, from the point of entry at check-in through to final reconciliation and loading. The intelligent and intuitive software is designed to ensure that every piece of luggage reaches its flight on time, while keeping ground handlers and operators informed about the progress of each flight’s baggage.

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PAX Multiplex

PAX Multiplex screening software is the most flexible centralized image processing solution dedicated to carry-on baggage and compatible with multiple X-ray and CT solutions. There are several web-based reporting and monitoring tools available to enhance checkpoint efficiency.

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