Passenger checkpoint solutions you can count on

Secure and seamless passenger screening is essential for any airport. To deliver the desired positive experience, you need innovative systems and intelligent software solutions to manage the core components of the security process.

We offer PAX CHECKPOINT as part of our next generation of scalable solutions. It combines state-of-the-art screening lanes with configurable remote screening software to create a fully integrated and systematic approach.

The key benefits of PAX CHECKPOINT are that it:

  • is scalable and flexible
  • provides enhanced security
  • offers increased throughput and an improved passenger experience

Reporting & Monitoring tools

Real-time and historical data collected from X-rays, lanes, and other checkpoint equipment is made available for reporting and monitoring purposes.

Remote screening room

Image analysis is performed in a remote area, away from distractions. To counter traffic variation the agents-to-lane ratio can be adapted.

Recheck station

Inspection agents receive results of the primary image analysis, leading to more efficient searches.

Tray return system

Empty trays are collected at the end of the lane and automatically sent to the divest station.

Automated diverter

Items deemed suspicious are diverted to a secure recheck area.

Parallel divesting

Passengers can move at their own pace and use multiple trays without slowing the process.

The products for PAX CHECKPOINT

PAX Advanced

The PAX Advanced automated screening lane guarantees an excellent passenger experience throughout the checkpoint process. This pays dividends by helping your airport make security less stressful, more straightforward and comfortable for travellers.

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Our PAX MX2 checkpoint solution has a unique dual-lane concept for a faster passenger security process. It makes best use of your checkpoint footprint and screening equipment, which means it’s a great option for airports that have limited space and personnel.

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PAX Compact

Managing a small airport comes with many challenges, including keeping pace with security requirements while maintaining operational efficiency. To meet these needs, we’ve designed PAX Compact.

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PAX Multiplex

PAX Multiplex software will enable you to increase passenger throughput, enhance security, improve resource management and offer a better passenger experience.

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PAX Divest Assistant

Are you looking to reduce passenger and staff interactions while providing travellers with a stress-free journey through the screening process? If so then take a look at our PAX Divest Assistant.

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“The best part of working with Vanderlande is that they have an excellent response time when it’s needed.”
Ogün Vardar, BHS Reporting Specialist | iGA Istanbul Airport
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İlker Çelepçikay, BHS Manager | IGA Istanbul Airport
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Dion Sparnaaij, Project Manager | Eindhoven Airport
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“We hear nothing but rave reviews from our passengers about the technology”
Jim Chrisley, Deputy Director of Aviation | Las Vegas McCarran Int. Airport
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