MODEX 2022

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You face unprecedented challenges as you work hard to meet the demands of the e-commerce explosion. Drastically increased fulfillment expectations, expanding SKU ranges, variable order sizes and single item returns combine to create potentially damaging bottlenecks in your warehousing operation. Add to the mix the lack of an available workforce, and your facilities may be reaching their limits much sooner than expected.

Vanderlande has been solving the most complex automation challenges for decades

Vanderlande employs a consultative, collaborative approach to ensure maximum return on your automation investment. Our scalable solutions seamlessly integrate innovative systems, intelligent, configurable software and industry-leading lifecycle services to provide best-in-class materials handling that maximizes throughput regardless of demand peaks and timing pressures.

Learn why the world’s leading retailers choose Vanderlande to future-proof their warehousing operations

If you were unable to join us at MODEX 2022 in booth #B5406 for real-time, interactive demonstrations of our industry-leading warehouse automation solutions, it’s not too late to learn more about what we showcased, including:


Our shuttle-based automated storage and retrieval system allows warehouse operators to handle an unparalleled array of carton, tray and tote sizes while roaming warehouse levels and aisles independently of lift platforms. ADAPTO sequences and prioritizes orders with ease, empowering warehouses to use one-to-one and direct connect pick stations that dramatically increase the efficiency and accuracy of fulfillment operations. All of this is done on a system with a much smaller footprint than other shuttle-based systems. The result is that organizations can stock more SKUs and increase the storage density of their facilities – all while increasing the velocity of their operations.

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Goods-to-Picker (GtP) Workstation

Modular in design to provide maximum flexibility and a truly lean picking process, Vanderlande’s GtP Workstations are highly intuitive and ergonomic. Customers gain dramatically improved pick performance on a system that requires minimal training and enables new operators to leverage the system in minutes. Seamlessly integrated with ADAPTO, Vanderlande’s GtP Workstations also allow for one-to-one picking and highly refined sequencing for batch or discreet approaches.

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Pallet AV

Vanderlande’s Pallet AVs (Autonomous Vehicles) make it easy for operations to improve warehouse safety and easily automate pallet movements throughout the different levels within a warehouse environment (conveyors, racking and floor). Organizations also gain greater productivity and flexibility with a smaller footprint. The Pallet AV portfolio of load carriers includes a variety of automated forklifts (AFs) and an autonomous mobile robot (AMR). All of Vanderlande’s Pallet AVs use Toyota’s autopilot technology perfected in vehicles used in more than 180 systems in 14 countries.

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Intelligent Software

Vanderlande’s next-gen software stack enables organizations to easily scale the automation of their warehouses to meet the needs of today’s consumers, enabling businesses to stay nimble and adjust quickly without making extensive software adjustments. The solution can plug-and-play or be customized to match specific warehouse processes, all while providing real-time insights into warehouse processes.

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