ProMat 2023

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Evolutionary Solutions

Our goal is to provide a warehouse automation system that answers all your needs. So, we ask a lot of questions. Only with a deep understanding of your challenges and goals can we use our experience and know-how to provide next generation warehousing solutions.

We call those next generation solutions our evolutions – scalable, automated warehouse systems and software for the e-commerce, retail, and omnichannel markets. By listening, wondering, exploring and learning, we’re led to breakthrough answers for the world’s leading brands. Whatever the warehousing question, Vanderlande is the answer.

If you were unable to join us at ProMat 2023 in Booth #S603 for real-time, interactive demonstrations of our industry-leading warehouse automation solutions, it’s not too late to learn more about what we showcased, including:

Future-Proof Picking

The Vanderlande booth showcased our order fulfillment system, FASTPICK, with improved picking performance featuring a fully operational Goods-to-Picker (GtP) 2.0 modular workstation integrated with a RightHand Robotics Piece-Picking Robot. This second generation of our workstation delivers exceptional ergonomics, reduces picking errors and requires only minutes for operator training. This evolution empowers organizations to gain Goods-to-Robot capabilities in a fully integrated and highly configurable system that addresses changing throughput and labor needs with ease.

Warehouses gain significant efficiencies when GtP 2.0 is combined with another FASTPICK component – ADAPTO, a roaming shuttle automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS). Now fulfillment teams benefit from true 1:1 picking with product sequencing in both human and robotic picking operations.

FASTPICK is powered by intelligent software that integrates and orchestrates the myriad of systems, people, equipment and robots in use at the most advanced distribution centers and warehouses. Seamlessly integrated, its GtP 2.0 solution provides picking operations with even greater flexibility. Now warehouses can augment existing fulfillment operations with robotic pickers that are customizable to address high- or low-capacity needs, manual or automated order starts, operational needs outside of business hours, and more.

Intelligent Warehouse Automation Software

Are you looking to achieve enhanced visibility and control of your operations through seamless, productivity boosting adjustments and upgrades to equipment, processes, and workflows? Our next-gen software stack with its modular and scalable capabilities shortens the implementation period and makes upgrades and additions easy, enabling businesses to stay nimble and adjust quickly without making extensive software adjustments. Request a software demo:

The Vanderlande Knowledge Hub

Over three days, Ken Hughes, internationally renowned keynote speaker, delivered a number of hard-hitting, insightful and entertaining keynote and fireside chats in the Vanderlande booth. If you’d like to hear from one of the most globally respected voices in the Customer Experience field speaking about modern consumer values, implications to the Supply Chain industry and the future of AI, Metaverse and Logistics, we will be posting videos of Ken’s keynotes. Check back soon!

Knowledge Hub Highlights

A Digital First Society: Questions Answered

Exploring the bold customer expectation around AI, Metaverse, and Robotics as Digital becomes more immersive

The Blue Dot Consumer

How the shifting values of today's modern consumer will impact the warehouse solutions of tomorrow

Warehousing Answered: From Transaction to Value Added

How supply chain and delivery has become a core part of the consumer value proposition beyond function

A Bold Future: Agility, Disruption & Change

A look at societal forces impacting innovation and the need for supply chain to build more responsive solutions

Customer Collaboration

How supply chain and warehousing can harness modern consumer collaboration

Show-Floor Seminars


Leveraging 1:1 Picking to Achieve your Business Goals
With Jake Heldenberg and Andy Lockhart
View presentation

How Reliable Robotics Ensures Retail Fulfillment Success
With Jake Heldenberg and Lotte Willems
View presentation | Watch video