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Efficient picking and smart returns handling


E-commerce and omnichannel warehouses and distribution centers (DCs) are challenged to fulfil thousands of orders with ever-increasing service level requirements. However, it is difficult to accommodate time-critical processes in a DC that may not be optimized to meet these requirements. Unpredictable demand and seasonal trends call for flexibility. Warehouses and DCs must cope with the changing – and increasing – variety of stored products and order volumes. They also need to efficiently handle the expanding number of returns.

As part of our next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions – Vanderlande offers AIRPICK, which seamlessly integrates innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services.

AIRPICK is an order fulfilment solution for General Merchandise, and Fashion, pure e-commerce and omnichannel companies designed to maximize the picking efficiency of a solution based on manual item picking.
The core of this solution is Vanderlande’s AIRTRAX pocket sorter system to sort large efficient batches of items to individual orders. This system ensures a smooth and efficient order fulfilment process and enables an efficient handling of returned items, regardless of the product (boxes, apparel, hanging goods), order size and is scalable with the required throughput.

AIRPICK offers:

  • efficient picking
  • smart handling of returned goods
  • easy processing of varying order lead-times
  • flexibility in product handling

User experience

With simplicity in mind, Vanderlande’s evolutions streamline the logistics process in an attractive platform that is highly intuitive, requires minimal training and is easy to operate. Alongside optimised ergonomics and sustainable productivity, evolutions provide the best possible user experience.


When fulfilling a diverse order profile, handling varying SKU ranges or changing any logistic process, evolutions offer the optimum flexibility to tackle multiple challenges.


Vanderlande’s innovative approach puts scalability at the core of evolutions. This allows warehouses to easily adapt to seasonal peaks, changing throughput and storage requirements, and growing business demands.
Pocket loading Each pocket is randomly inducted with one item. This can also be done with a smart item robot (optional).
Packing station Items are presented to the pack operator per order and, if required, in the desired sequence.
Buffering/storage Items are sent into and retrieved from dynamic buffer loops. This also allows for fully automated handling of returned items.
Picking Items are picked manually from various warehouse areas in a continuous flow.
Sorting/Sequencing Items are automatically sorted to individual orders and moved in the desired sequence.

The products for AIRPICK

Smart Item Robotics

Our Smart Item Robotics (SIR) consists of a portfolio of intelligent, self-learning and extremely flexible picking robots.

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AIRTRAX is an innovative and reliable family of products for transporting, sorting, sequencing and storing hanging goods. It delivers unrivalled benefits throughout any hanging goods handling operation.

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VISION is a future-proof and user-friendly software platform and offers a single platform for all automated and manual warehouse functions.

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AIRPICK references


de Bijenkorf

Vanderlande’s AIRTRAX Pocket supports de Bijenkorf’s premium service De Bijenkorf has been a strong Dutch brand for more than 150…

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Zalando Sweden

Zalando selected Vanderlande’s AIRTRAX Pocket sorter to act as the heart of the new facility. Containing 6,500 pockets, it has been implemented as a pilot project.

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Zalando Brunna

Zalando installed an AIRTRAX Pocket sorter at its new logistics centre in Brunna, near Stockholm. The AIRTRAX Pocket sorter is specially designed to meet the demands of booming omni-channel trade.

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