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Future-proof end-to-end-baggage logistics

Vanderlande’s comprehensive approach to baggage processes can be seen in BAGFLOW. It is a scalable, modular and innovative concept that integrates the complete journey of a bag. By establishing an integrated approach to the total process – from the bag drop right through to the aircraft – BAGFLOW guarantees success for airports, airlines and passengers. It creates a stable and resilient baggage flow that handles more bags in the same footprint, optimises resources, and keeps costs under control. In addition, BAGFLOW uses the precise level of automation required, facilitates a ‘pull’ approach, and integrates the complete baggage flow in one control system.

Improved baggage performance

Promotes maximum efficiencies and unites all stakeholders.

Less dependency on manual labour

Automation reduces labour-intensive activities.

Full track and trace of every bag

Comprehensive real-time monitoring supported by integrated software.

Optimised space utilisation

Handles more bags in the same footprint.

Lowest total cost of ownership

Facilitates a seamless baggage operation and more efficient maintenance.

Improved passenger experience

Minimal interruptions and better alignment of passenger and bag flows.
Remote check-in and reclaim Check-in and reclaim solutions are available from Vanderlande in a wide range of designs and configurations to match different check-in concepts at various locations (onsite and off-site).
TUBTRAX TUBTRAX is Vanderlande’s high-speed individual carrier system (ICS) for fast and high-volume transport seamlessly working with in tub screening, storage of baggage and final sortation.
FLEET Bag FLEET Bag transports individual bags inside the baggage hall and supports the screening, buffering and sortation processes by delivering bags to the correct (make-up) position.
ADAPTO BAGSTORE Vanderlande offers ADAPTO BAGSTORE, a unique shuttle-based automated storage system with built-in sorting capabilities.
VIBES control room Vanderlande has developed the state-of-the-art VIBES software suite, which provides flexible, effective and integrated control to meet the needs of airport operators, handling agents, passengers and airlines.
BAGLOAD Robot loading The integration of robot technology is not just simply about replacing manual baggage make-up areas with automated machinery. It is also about adapting the overall process and environment to achieve a higher level of automation.
FLEET Batch FLEET Batch transports containers of bags, supports the make-up and break process, provides inter-terminal transportation, and can deliver up to the intermediate buffer stations.
Reclaim Vanderlande’s efficient baggage reclaim solutions make optimal use of space. The modular design of our carousels easily integrates into existing airport environments, and allows for any future alterations.
FLEET Apron FLEET Apron supports the end to end baggage process by delivering aircraft containers and carts ‘just in time’ to and from the aircraft stands.

The products for BAGFLOW

BAGLOAD integrated robot loading

Vanderlande provides the necessary modifications to existing baggage handling systems to support the migration towards integrated robot loading.

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ADAPTO BAGSTORE is a unique shuttle-based automated system with built-in sorting capabilities.

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Individual carrier systems (ICS)

Bags loaded in carriers are transported smoothly with high capacity and faultless tracking. The system is beneficial at every stage of the baggage handling process.

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A turnkey solution from Vanderlande, VIBES is designed to meet the needs of airport operators, handling agents, passengers and airlines.

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