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In our business partnership, we underline our commitment by providing industry-leading financial solutions. These come in variety of forms and are – to a large extent – customised to accommodate specific customer needs.

Customer Finance

Through our range of services, Vanderlande’s Customer Finance team aims to support you in achieving your business objectives. We will act as a partner to you in order to identify the most appropriate financing solution for your needs.

Vanderlande is dedicated to arranging export loans and lease facilities for a wide range of companies. That’s why we have developed excellent relationships with (inter)national commercial banks, export credit insurers, private risk insurers, government agencies and (multilateral) institutions.


With Vanderlande’s customer finance solutions, you will be able to save costs due to the favourable conditions on offer. This includes the duration of the loan, percentage of down payments, and attractive terms compared to local market conditions.

Repayment of the loan typically starts when the Vanderlande system is operational (initial CAPEX approximately 0-15%), which means that further savings can be made. In addition, we will assist you throughout the process by using our financial network to help you quickly obtain the desired solution.

Global Support

Investing in the right technology is as important as having the right financial solution in place. We have successfully supported customers in bringing their various projects to fruition by effectively cooperating with banks, export credit agencies, leasing companies and insurance companies worldwide. Vanderlande’s Customer Finance team also works closely with the company’s sales managers, who offer proactive support through a global network.

More information

To find out more about Vanderlande’s Customer Finance solutions, please contact us at:

Financial solutions

Buyer Credit

  • Vanderlande assists you in achieving a direct agreement with a financial institution.
  • Ideal for larger and more complex contracts.


  • Financial or operational leasing options available.
  • Offered via our leasing partners, as well as Vanderlande Financial Solutions.

Supplier Credit

  • Suitable for smaller transactions.
  • Repayments made through bills of exchange.