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Operational peace of mind

Logistic process automation is advancing at a rapid rate, driven by the continued need for elevated customer service levels and flexibility requirements. The demands for increased reliability, reduced operational costs, and the ability to cope with market changes are other important aspects. Without the correct attention, your material handling system is at risk of losing its optimal performance over time.

Ensuring system continuity

Although investing in a suitable preventive and corrective maintenance programme is crucial, this alone is not sufficient to guarantee ongoing system performance. For example, how will this ensure your IT and OT software modules are kept up-to-date? How can you prevent ‘end of life issues’ concerning critical components? How can you prepare for obsolescence?

In many cases, you need to know what actions are required to keep your system operating at optimum state. In addition, knowing how to directly translate a change in your business activities (growth, changes) to your system is not always straightforward.


Vanderlande offers comprehensive life-cycle planning, which has been designed as the ideal solution to these challenges. It will be tailored precisely to your individual requirements and provides the following benefits:

  • clear insights in risks and costs to balance investments
  • multi-year budgeting
  • system performance meeting business requirements.


  • We provide insight into the life-cycle status of your IT and OT software modules and your sorter.

  • We assess if this equipment is ‘end of product life/technical life’ and identify actions to minimise or avoid potential life cycle related risks.


  • We provide insight into the lifecycle status of your system.

  • We assess your equipment and software for ‘end of product life/technical life’.

  • We incorporate the on-site health condition of your (electro-)mechanical equipment in our assessment (optional).

  • We help you prioritise investments based on criticality (optional).


  • We provide insight into whether your system matches your current business objectives.

  • We plan how to reduce the risk relating to the most critical parts of the system by assessing the health condition and criticality of the asset.

  • We offer insight into any bottlenecks and advise on how to remove them.

  • We assess different scenarios based on your business outlook to ensure your system is futureproof (optional).

A tailor-made solution

Our life-cycle planning comprises three solutions, depending on your circumstances. As you can read above, each increases in scope.

Considering the trajectory you expect your business to take, you might prefer a different scope in your life-cycle plan. This depends on the level of insight that will be most according to your needs. For example, if you are expecting a significant change in volume, you will benefit more from a Life-cycle plan- Operations than a Life-cycle plan – System.


Vanderlande aims to keep you updated in the case of ‘end of product life’ or ‘end of technical life’ of components. A custom-made life-cycle plan gives you an overview of actions, which need to be taken during system lifetime. Life-cycle planning considers risks and investments. It does not include regular maintenance activities.

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