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Vanderlande understands the importance of future-proof logistic process automation. That’s why one of our top priorities is to keep your system operational at all times.

We offer a broad range of spare parts-related services to satisfy all your needs. Our global source-and-supply programme ensures competitive prices and fast delivery times for a comprehensive range of items. In addition, our management services provide peace of mind for the availability of the parts required.

Vanderlande’s spare parts services include:

  • one-stop shop – replacement items available at our webshop, from spare parts to tools
  • spare parts packages – tailor-made solution consisting of the parts that are most essential to a specific customer
  • consignment services – either managed by Vanderlande at your site – or on your behalf – from a local warehouse
  • repair services – extended to all electrical components
  • storeroom management – easy and rapid access to a large inventory when required
  • inventory control – maintains order in storerooms by ensuring you have the optimum stock levels of appropriate parts.