High capacity meets gentle and accurate parcel handling

As consumer expectations for rapid delivery rise, parcel companies are looking to optimise their sortation facilities with automated, high-speed solutions. However, the desire for increasingly fast technologies can sometimes come at the expense of sorting accuracy and handling quality. Faster sorters are synonymous with a higher number of damaged parcels and an increase in missorts, but these problems can be overcome with the right design and combination of technologies.

“parcel companies no longer have to choose between swift operations and precise handling – they can have both.”
Herman Kooij
Product Manager Line Sortation

Vanderlande’s latest development in sorting solutions, the POSISORTER HC, is a prime example of how high capacity can be achieved – without compromise. Although this shoe sorter can reach an impressive speed of 690 feet per minute, its 18,000 parcels per hour capacity is made possible by its distinct pre-alignment feature, which positions each parcel at the beginning of the sorting process.

Higher sortation accuracy

The unique design of the POSISORTER HC allows the sorting shoe to gently guide the parcel in a smooth, parabolic trajectory into the correct chute. This approach means less jostling and damage, and a higher sortation accuracy – a game-changing combination for parcel handling.

The concept employs a wheel to smoothly navigate the sorting shoe, significantly reducing system stress. Compared to traditional pin-based systems, this gentler approach results in less friction and a lower risk of parcel damage. The wheel mechanism ensures parcels are moved softly and accurately, offering a more careful approach to the rough treatment often seen with high-speed sorting. Less friction not only safeguards the parcels, but also enhances the sorter’s durability and reliability.

Less manual sorting

High-speed sorting and careful package handling are complemented by the POSISORTER HC’s impressive reliability and accuracy. An availability rate of over 99.5% means this system remains consistently operational – virtually eliminating downtime. With a sorting accuracy rate of 99.9%, the POSISORTER HC ensures parcels reach their correct destinations. The overflow rate is maintained at under 0.1%, demonstrating almost complete automation in processing parcels and reducing reliance on manual sorting.

As a trusted partner, Vanderlande always strives to understand industry needs and is committed to developing innovative solutions. With this new system, parcel companies no longer have to choose between swift operations and precise handling – they can have both.

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