Vanderlande adds advanced automated picking robot to its warehouse solutions portfolio

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Vanderlande has announced a new automated piece picking robot as an addition to its Smart Item Robotics (SIR) portfolio of technologies, which fits with Vanderlande’s strategy of accelerating the use of robotics for warehousing. It features intelligent gripper technology, a sophisticated vision system and control software. Designed and built by US-based RightHand Robotics, the picking robot is specifically suitable for warehouses and distribution centres handling general merchandise products.

Vanderlande tested the world’s leading robot-picking solutions before opting for this latest innovation, which offers best-in-class features and capabilities available today. This is beneficial for Vanderlande’s customers as it is increasingly difficult to attract and retain a stable workforce, which reinforces the view that robot-picking solutions are a particularly attractive option. Efficient robotics can also deliver other benefits, including stable 24/7 operations and a lower cost of ownership.

Robotic solutions selected by Vanderlande are integrated into the company’s wide range of warehousing solutions, such as the goods-to-picker order fulfilment system FASTPICK. Increasing the use of robots for order assignments will provide customers with greater flexibility in the workplace. For example, orders can be picked with a mix of manual and automated procedures for maximum efficiency.

“The market wants integrated robotics that work, so we’ve tested the world’s leading robot solutions,” says Terry Verkuijlen, Vanderlande’s Vice President Warehouse Solutions. “Our findings showed that RightHand Robotics’ use of gripper technology, vision systems and software algorithms is the best fit for automated general merchandise warehouses, whereas different combinations of robot pickers are the best fit for other specialist applications.”

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