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Rapid order fulfillment, shorter processing times, higher delivery frequencies and increased analysis of the cost-per-item handled, all demand optimum levels of flexibility and logistical performance. Proven in advanced parcel hubs around the world, Vanderlande’s automated systems are designed to improve and increase the performance of its customers’ processes.

Vanderlande focuses on the entire sortation process – starting with the unloading of parcels – which means that it offers a complete range of telescopic conveyors. The next step is sortation, with state-of-the-art line and loop sorters available.

After sorting, parcels are ready for loading at the outgoing docks and onward transportation to their final destination. Vanderlande’s extendable conveyors can be used for ergonomic and efficient vehicle loading.

Unloading Incoming pallets, cages, ULDs and trucks need to be unloaded at the receiving area. We have various types of configurations for this purpose.
Screening For security reasons – or to perform customs inspections – screening processes are essential. We have vast experience in integrating the necessary equipment.
Sorting We provide a variety of state-of-the-art line and loop sorters to match individual needs.
Loading At the outgoing docks, the flow of parcels, pallets, cages and irregular goods comes together. These are then consolidated for loading to match the various types of departing vehicles.
Control room VISION provides an operational performance dashboard that supports daily planning, gives real-time information on system status, workload and performance, and allows remote access to the total sorting system.

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