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Vanderlande provides a high level of service to maximize the performance of its systems for their entire life cycle. Our extensive cooperation with customers ranges from an analysis of their initial business process to the life-cycle services program.

Customers can rely on Vanderlande’s parcel handling experts to help them improve their facitlity’s performance and achieve optimal parcel flow. It can also help to increase performance by reducing errors and improving the handling quality. As an OEM, the company possesses specialist expertise and tools for carrying out high-quality maintenance.

Vanderlande also offers a clear life-cycle plan for the mid-term, which optimizes customers’ cost control. With an in-depth understanding of our customers’ business processes, we can supply competitive automated systems for all sizes and types of facilities. This enables its customers to enhance their activities at lower operating costs. With Vanderlande’s flexible solutions, they can take advantage of the changing demands of the market.

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