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Exceed your customers' expectations

Consumers demand speed, accuracy and flexibility throughout the ordering and delivery process. Warehouses face increased pressure to handle rising operational costs linked to a lack of available workforce, intensive training of operators, expanding ranges of SKUs, and variable order sizes with frequent short delivery times. At all times, fulfilling thousands of orders and delivering a positive customer experience are vital. Warehouses must also factor in a combination of both store-friendly and home deliveries.

In matching the growth of your markets, your warehouse can reach its limit sooner than expected. In such a situation, an investment in fast and scalable solutions is critical.

At Vanderlande, we understand the complexities of running a successful warehousing operation. As such, we have defined the next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions. They will support you through an integrated portfolio of innovative systemsintelligent software and life-cycle services.


The next generation of scalable solutions

In order to meet any customer’s demands in full, Vanderlande has defined the next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions. They will allow these challenges to be met through an integrated portfolio of innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services.



FASTPICK is a goods-to-person order fulfilment system that uses the advanced ADAPTO shuttles for product storage and retrieval for day-to-day operations.

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AIRPICK combines efficient picking with flawless automated sortation to individual orders in our pocket sorter, AIRTRAX Pocket.

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Our general merchandise references



Digitec Galaxus

Optimal customer experience is a key focus for Digitec Galaxus, who have grown to become Switzerland’s largest online retailer. This starts in the online shopping environment and continues with friendly customer support.

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Würth chose to install Vanderlande’s highly flexible storage, retrieval and transportation system – ADAPTO. This makes optimal use of the available space in Riihimäki through its high storage density.

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Our Warehousing news & insights

March 20, 2023

Boxing Clever – Why warehousing has taken a lead strategic seat at the boardroom table

In past years, the hero in the boardroom was often Marketing or R&D. It was all about innovation, new products/services, and technology. Warehousing was seen as a function rather than a competitive advantage or of strategic importance. But that was then, what about now?

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March 13, 2023

Getting started with warehouse automation

It’s a big step to introduce complex automation into a warehouse for the first time. This is particularly true when you operate in a segment that is not familiar with automated solutions. From the cost of the investment through to selecting and installing the right solution, there are many factors to consider.

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March 8, 2023

Vanderlande to present next-gen warehousing solutions at ProMat 2023

Vanderlande invites ProMat 2023 attendees to learn about the technologies, services and expertise relied on in many of the world’s most advanced warehouses and distribution centers (DCs). Located in booth #S603, we will be showcasing ‘Warehousing Answered’ solutions with demonstrations of a modular workstation leveraging an item-picking robot and thought-leadership keynotes presentations from Ken Hughes, one of the world’s leading authorities on the behaviors of consumers, and innovations and trends shaping the industry.

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