Telescopic belt conveyors

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The increase in offshore sourcing means more goods are being received in large containers and swap bodies to achieve higher fill rates. This makes safe, fast and efficient loading and unloading solutions a necessity within your operation. Vanderlande’s telescopic belt conveyors are ideal for bi-directional loading and unloading.


In addition to faster and more efficient loading and unloading, the telescopic belt conveyor vastly improves ergonomic working conditions for operators. The extendable variation minimizes the need for operators to carry products manually and places drop-off points at their side on demand by a simple joystick movement.

Benefits include:
> Faster loading and unloading speeds of >100ft/min
> Safer and more reliable operations
> Easy maintenance access

Vanderlande has implemented telescopic belt conveyors (extendables) at Argos, Camper and Next.