.M Conveyor range

The success of automated storage, order-picking and sortation systems depends on their reliability and cost effectiveness, or the internal transport that connects all logistic processes. The .M conveyor range is designed specifically to meet these requirements.



The multi-talented conveyor system

The .M conveyor range proves a new vision in internal transport suitable for modern warehouse logistics. These conveyors combine three technologies – belt, roller and multibelt conveyors – to allow transportation of any product type in all applications.

The conveyors have been designed to allow functional units to operate as interchangeable modules. These allow for future adjustments to the system to match changing business requirements. This optimizes the value of the initial investment.

The .M conveyors have already been selected by several companies, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Tesco.

Vanderlande’s .M conveyor provide the following benefits:

  • maximization of the production and installation process
  • 30% reduction in operational costs during the life cycle of the system
  • energy consumption is reduced by up to 20%.