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The telescopic belt conveyor is a solution for handling the loading and unloading of parcels. When extended, it minimizes the need for operators to carry products manually. The drop-off or take-away point can be placed directly at the operator’s side when needed through a simple joystick movement.

Extension and retraction are fully motor-driven, with a fast response to operator actions. Various body lengths and extensions can be implemented to allow access to the full length of the transport vehicle. The conveyor can also switch between indexing mode and fast transport for buffering functionality.

Similar to the telescopic belt conveyor, the roller model also allows operators to move the drop-off and take-away points as required. Powered extension and retraction are also optional. It is possible to have the telescopic roller conveyor mounted in a fixed position dedicated to one dock, while the motorized version offers the flexibility to move from one dock to another.

The benefits of telescopic conveyors include:

  • improved ergonomic working conditions
  • faster loading and unloading
  • a safe and reliable operation
  • the capacity to transport parcel loads of up to 35 lbs/ft
  • easy access for maintenance

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