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Palletizing occurs after goods have been retrieved from the storage area in the correct sequence. With STOREPICK, Vanderlande offers manual or robotized palletizing solutions based on individual requirements. Both options offer the capability for pallets and roll cages to be stacked.

For manual palletizing, operators are positioned around an ergonomic workstation that has been designed to facilitate excellent working conditions. Operators take the required number of products from a supplied tray and arrange them as layers on the load carrier, according to clear instructions displayed on the operator’s screen.

Once a layer has been completed, it is lowered automatically, so that the operator can continue to work in a user-friendly position. This process is repeated until the load carrier has been filled as directed.

The robotized palletizer does not require any manual intervention. A robot stacker fulfils the steps as described above and the roll cage or pallet is stacked in a stable way. Through this method, it is possible to load up to 750 store-friendly cases per hour.

With Vanderlande’s load forming logic (LFL) software, stable pallets are created and filled with maximum efficiency, while ensuring that products are not damaged by having too much weight placed on top of them. In this way, LFL facilitates store-friendly deliveries and the efficient transportation of goods.

This solution has been installed for a number of companies, such as Woolworths, ASDA, E.Leclerc and Albert Heijn.


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