The COMPAXORTER is a high-capacity horizontal sorting conveyor that can handle a wide range of products, from small packages (as thin as 2,5mm) to larger parcels (up to 550 x 460mm). This includes items that are normally difficult to sort with other systems, such as shrink-wrapped products, odd shaped parcels or unstable parcels.

Positive sortation

The smooth transportation makes the sortation process extremely reliable, efficient and accurate. A cost-effective solution, COMPAXORTER can carry a wide range of small products at high speed, and surrounds items from four sides. This safeguards the correct sortation of odd-shaped, ultra-low or light items.

The closed surface and positive sorting action result in high levels of accuracy and due to its linear design, the COMPAXORTER can fit perfectly into confined spaces. The manual loading stations can also be configured to receive volume directly in bulk or from totes. In addition, different types of outputs can be used to match the wide range of products handled.

Semi and fully automated inducting

Vanderlande’s COMPAXORTER provides a highly flexible solution to handle a wide range of products, from very small packages (as thin as 2mm) through to larger parcels (up to dimensions of 16 x 20 x 16 in and weighing 22lbs), with a capacity of over 10,000 parcels per hour.

This range of products also includes items that are traditionally difficult to sort with other systems, such as shrink-wrapped products, odd-shaped parcels and unstable packages.

In addition, the closed surface and positive sorting action result in extremely high accuracy, and various detection devices prevent typical sorting errors caused by operators. Due to the linear design, the COMPAXORTER can be fitted into confined spaces.

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Up to 12.600 parcels per hour

Parcel specifications

Dimensions: 50-550mm (length), 50-460mm (width), 2,5-460mm (height). Weight: 0.05-15kg.

System speed

Up to 100 m/min


The main benefits of the Vanderlande COMPAXORTER are:

  • high throughput
  • small footprint
  • suitable for a wide range of products
  • delicate product handling
  • no requirement for a flat and stable product base.

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