Tote AV

Enjoy flexible tote handling with our autonomous vehicle solutions

Meet Tote AV, your autonomous vehicle (AV) for tote handling. It’s the ideal solution when you require a future-ready system that can flexibly adapt to your changing operational needs. Thanks to its adaptability, it’s also the right solution to automate brownfield sites.

If you deal with bulk storage, handle larger items or implement system extensions, then Tote AV is perfect for your warehouse. Vanderlande works together with the leading suppliers of AVs and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to integrate these exciting technologies into its tote-to-person systems.

Feel the quality, enjoy the performance

You benefit from our extensive experience in system design, commitment to performance and global reach when it comes to project execution and service. We ensure that Tote AV meets your quality requirements throughout the full system lifetime.

It’s also a highly flexible and scalable solution. That’s because it has fewer stringent racking and floor requirements compared to other AS/RS options – and you’ll also need less fixed infrastructure.

Direct handling of cases and totes in one system

Multi-load handling in one system

(up to 630mm x 850mm cases)

Full redundancy

Short implementation time

Major advantages in any warehouse

Tote AV provides the following:

  • direct handling of cases and totes in one system
  • multi-load handling in one system (up to 630 mm x 850 mm cases)
  • full redundancy
  • short implementation time

Like to know more?

Every company and every market is different. This is reflected in the layout of your warehouse – and the advice offered by our experts.

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