A taste for online food ordering

Today’s food e-commerce market is changing rapidly. Demand for online groceries has soared and consumer expectations are higher than ever. At the same time, many distribution centre processes are too heavily dependent on labour. The automation of order fulfilment offers consumers a wide assortment of high-quality and fresh products, rapid deliveries, as well as maximum convenience and service at competitive prices.

To keep up with an exponentially growing market, Vanderlande offers HOMEPICK, a scalable end to end solution that seamlessly integrates innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services.

HOMEPICK facilitates the fast and efficient fulfilment of online grocery orders, providing:

  • high picking efficiency and shorter lead times
  • higher accuracy
  • easy scalability
  • a cohesive and ergonomic system design

HOMEPICK is the ideal solution for food retailers, who store and sort their goods either in centralized fulfilment centres (CFCs) or micro-fulfilment centres (MFCs). HOMEPICK offers increased productivity, making retailers less dependent on labour, which is getting more scarce.

Thanks to Vanderlande’s proven technology, combined with HOMEPICK’s modular design, retailers can be confident of a fast installation and ramp-up phase, both for CFC and MFC.

HOMEPICK for centralised fulfilment centres

HOMEPICK for CFCs gives food retailers the power to process online grocery orders before they are handed over to the ‘last mile’. These orders are then transported to hubs, pick-up points or directly to the consumer.

The solution is an ideal option for CFC operators who run larger-scale fulfilment operations from a central position in their supply chains.

From this base and with HOMEPICK’s help, retailers can:

  • cover large home-delivery catchment areas
  • service an extensive network of pick-up points
  • optimise delivery planning schedules
  • deploy vehicle fleets more efficiently, saving transportation cost

Simply put, HOMEPICK for CFCs delivers economies of scale for food retailers, while helping to keep their customers happy.

HOMEPICK for micro-fulfilment centres

HOMEPICK is also the perfect solution for food retailers who want to use their current store networks as MFCs can increase the productivity and efficiency of their picking and delivery operations.

HOMEPICK for MFCs helps retailers:

  • meet rising demand for same-day and instant deliveries
  • realise an end-to-end solution that can be installed within existing infrastructures
  • optimise the entire online retail operation, including any manual processes
  • saving cost of the last mile

A robust operation is guaranteed thanks to cost-effective service solutions based on remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. HOMEPICK for MFCs is also ideal for food retailers who want to bring operations closer to consumers by opening up opportunities for in-store or curb side pick-ups.

As a partner, Vanderlande works closely with retailers to define a multi-year programme to ensure a successful and effective roll-out of MFCs in a customer network both from operational as well as commercial perspective. This helps businesses to meet the required capacity levels with reliable operational performance in the fast-evolving online grocery market.

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“Vanderlande was our partner of choice, because they have a proven track record in this field and offer reliable technology that works.”
Martin Ballus, Leader Projects Operations | Digitec Galaxus
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“We can offer an even more professional service to our customers because of the new system”
Dora Kasper, Logistical Manager | De Bondt
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“We appreciate the experience and expertise of Vanderlande’s team, and their long-term continuity”
Martin Ballus, Leader Projects Operations | Digitec Galaxus
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“Vanderlande was a professional and competent partner throughout the project, and they delivered what they promised throughout each phase.”
Brian Svaerke, Head of Logistics and Supply Chain & Group Vice-President | Netto, Salling Group
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