Delivering high-quality products and an excellent service

Consumers demand high-quality products and an excellent service. They expect their shopping experience to be as stress-free as possible, with full shelves and a high availability of products.

Therefore, retailers must cope with the growing volumes of diversified stock and multiple store formats.The expanding number of SKUs means that efficient space utilisation is another vital consideration, as well as store-friendly deliveries

With this in mind, Vanderlande has defined the next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions. They will support your desired growth strategy through an integrated portfolio of innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services.

Exceed your customers' expectations

General Merchandise

Fulfilling thousands of orders and delivering a positive customer experience are vital. The combination of both online order as well as store deliveries must also be factored in.
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In today’s food retail market, consumers demand fresh, high-quality products, and excellent service. They expect their shopping experience to be stress-free with a high availability of products.
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The dynamics of the fashion industry are changing significantly and the market is expanding faster than ever.
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The evolutions for retail


STOREPICK is a robotised, end-to-end warehouse solution that allows you to optimise the processes of your entire value chain.


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