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Vanderlande can meet any warehouse’s demands in full. Through its in-depth understanding of business processes in warehousing and distribution, the company provides competitive solutions that help its customers improve delivery performance and meet changing market demands.

Its extensive portfolio for warehouses and distribution centres extends across the entire range of processes, and offers a wide range of benefits. Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) and robotics are key innovations in logistic processes, and Vanderlande’s ADAPTO solution makes optimal use of floor space, as well as increasing storage density. Smart Item Robotics (SIR) can also be added for efficient and careful picking and packing.

In addition, automated order-picking systems can improve accuracy up to 99.99%. Depending on individual requirements, Vanderlande offers various scalable solutions (evolutions) such as HOMEPICK, STOREPICK, FASTPICK and AIRPICK. The company also provides line and loop sorters to improve productivity, throughput and delivery accuracy.

Receiving Goods receiving is the basis for all other warehouse activities. It is important to receive products correctly in order to handle them appropriately for put-away, storage, order picking or shipping.
Storing Our complete range of AS/RS helps to maximise efficiency and productivity in DCs, and make optimal use of floor space.
Picking Order picking – or fulfilment – is the process of retrieving products from storage. Selecting the optimal solution depends on the individual operation and product range.
Sorting We offer a range of sortation systems tailored to individual business processes, products, throughput volumes and end destinations.
Shipping Automated order consolidation and shipping can significantly improve the efficiency and speed of an outbound operation. It can also enhance store-friendly deliveries and reduce transport costs.

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