Several activities come together in the packing process, such as weighing, void filling, carton closing and labelling. Requirements for packing workstations are increasing to improve efficiency and quality, while ensuring that the workstation meets the latest ergonomic standards.
The new PACK@EASE high-performance packing workstation increases sustainable productivity and packing accuracy, and reduces product damage. It also creates an ergonomically sound working environment for operators that both decreases the risk of injury and improves employee motivation.
Packing systems with PACK@EASE workstations can be integrated with other picking concepts or delivered as stand-alones. These solutions enable customers to organise their processes in the most efficient, cost-effective way.
PACK@EASE workstations have been designed on the same ergonomic basis as the PICK@EASE range in cooperation with the Dutch research institute TNO.
This solution has been installed for a number of companies, such as Life Technologies.
The main benefits of PACK@EASE are:
  • broad range of functional features and value-added services
  • operator learning curves of only 60 minutes
  • optimal ergonomics based on horizontal packing (one level), and limited vertical movements
  • optimum productivity levels achieved through fatigue-free working
  • high accuracy realised through supporting displays and a touchscreen.