After the successful PICK@EASE order-picking workstation, Vanderlande extended the range to handle goods receiving. The high-performance, ergonomic repacking/receiving workstation, RECEIVE@EASE, has been developed for use in goods-to-person compact picking systems.

It facilitates the efficient and ergonomic repacking/receiving of items (from cartons) into totes. In addition, it offers various levels of automation (for higher productivity levels) and receiving into single and multi-compartment totes. 
Each variant of the RECEIVE@EASE workstation is geared towards specific productivity and functional process requirements. They have been designed in line with the ergonomics of the PICK@EASE range with the support of Dutch research institute TNO, and implemented for a number of customers, including Onninen. The benefits of RECEIVE@EASE include:
  • broad range of functional features and value-added services
  • operator learning curves of only 30 minutes
  • optimal ergonomics based on horizontal repacking/receiving (one level), and limiting vertical movements
  • consistent productivity levels through fatigue-free working
  • high accuracy and safety.