Batch picking

Batch picking also known as multi-order picking is characterised by combining product demand from multiple orders into one pick instruction. After order picking, goods are sorted/consolidated by order or shipping destination. Batch-picking systems are common for food, non-food, fashion and e-commerce applications.
Batch picking increases both throughput and operator efficiency. It optimises order-picking effectiveness by maximising pick quantities and minimising operator walking distances. Orders are either sorted/consolidated by order or destination automatically, which reduces manual handling and the problems normally associated with congested aisles in traditional order picking.
Vanderlande’s batch picking systems are supported by the VISION warehouse management system for the effective handling of the entire process. Functionalities include batch and resource planning, sorter control and a dashboard to display key performance indicators.
The company has broad experience of designing and implementing batch-picking systems, for companies including Amazon, Game Stores, Euro Shoe and Staples.