Goods-to-man/Goods-to-person, compact-picking systems

Vanderlande’s goods-to-man compact-picking system (CPS) is an ideal concept for slow-moving products in retail and wholesale distribution centres.  It is also beneficial for distribution centres that handle parts and components, and manage a large product range and extremely high service-level requirements.
At the heart of the CPS is the PICK@EASE ergonomic order-picking workstation. This innovative workstation enables operators to achieve a consistently high order-picking performance – up to 1,000 order lines  per operator per hour – over a prolonged period. This is also achieved without risk of any work-related injuries.
CPS takes advantage of the QUICKSTORE family of automated storage and retrieval systems. These miniloads and shuttle systems automatically store and retrieve product totes, and make optimal use of available floor space.
Vanderlande’s goods-to-man order-picking systems are supported by the VISION warehouse management system, which ensures the effective handling of the entire warehousing process. Companies, such as PLUS Retail, Onninen and TVH, have already installed Vanderlande’s CPS solutions.