Zone picking system

Zone picking is a man-to-goods order-picking concept that can be used for a wide range of applications. Vanderlande’s zone-picking system (ZPS) provides a reliable, accurate and structured process, with short order throughput times. 
The picking area is divided into individual pick zones, and operators assigned there will only pick items within that zone. Products in a zone can be stored in flow racks or shelving.
Once picking in a zone is complete, the order tote or carton travels via a conveyor to the next zone (pick and pass). This system reduces walking distances during picking and eliminates crowded picking aisles during peak hours. It is highly efficient, owing to the way in which operators can pick directly into shipping cartons or totes (pick and pack).
Vanderlande has a broad experience of designing and implementing ZPS, which can be supported by a number of methods within the VISION warehouse management system (WMS). These include, paper based, RF terminals, Pick-to-Light and Pick-by-Voice. Other WMS functions related to zone picking are slotting, replenishment strategies, order planning and release, and integrated checking.
Vanderlande’s picking systems have already been implemented at many companies, including DA Retail, Rossmann and Fabory.