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Vanderlande’s PICK@EASE workstations offer a range of value-added service functions for multipurpose use. The modular and functional setup supports all possible business and order profiles. All versions are designed for seamless integration with Vanderlande’s goods-to-person order fulfillment solutions.

PICK@EASE is a portfolio of ergonomic workstations offering a wide range of capacities – from 100 to 1,000 order lines per hour, per operator. They provide the optimal solution to support operator and process productivity.

PICK@EASE workstations help to reduce errors to almost zero. Compartment indication or detection light grids and a touchscreen to maximise quality control. The touchscreen application is the central user interface for optimal process support. PICK@EASE is also supported by user-friendly VISION software.

Ergonomic design

PICK@EASE enables operators to maintain high productivity levels for sustained working periods. It features horizontal picking at the same level, optional height adjustable platforms and ergonomic mats.

In addition, an advanced lighting solution brings the benefits of natural daylight indoors. This creates a natural lighting ambience that provides control over the working environment and helps to improve operator wellbeing.

Vanderlande has implemented PICK@EASE workstation for several customers, such as: Würth, Edeka and Covidien.


The benefits of PICK@EASE include:

  • between 100 and 1,000 order lines per hour, per operator
  • value-added service functionalities
  • quality control, reducing errors to almost zero
  • pick-pack operations to decrease product handling
  • horizontal picking at the same level for optimal ergonomics
  • 10-minute operator learning curve
  • sustainable productivity levels
  • Defragmentation and concentration of stock


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