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In the e-commerce market, omni-channel warehousing companies are continually looking for ways to run their operations more efficiently. They must maintain the highest level of service, meet growing consumer expectations, as well as cope with an increased order frequency, a growing number of smaller orders, and factor in the challenges associated with labour scarcity. 

Vanderlande has developed smart item robotics (SIR) to help you deal with these challenges. It can handle dynamic product ranges without SKU teaching. Intelligent stacking enables the efficient positioning of goods, while products are handled smoothly and securely. SIR can also be deployed in a flexible way by allowing for operator intervention as required.

SIR has two applications. With bin-to-bin item picking, the robot picks single products from a source bin. The dimensions of each are measured while the robot is in motion and it gently stacks these into the required order carton or bin.  In bin-to-belt item picking, the robot picks single items from a source bin, again taking the dimensions of the product into account, before placing it on a belt. This can then feed a pocket sorter, packing machine or other type of sorter. With SIR, Vanderlande offers the next step in flexible warehouse automation.

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