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Automated order consolidation and shipping can significantly enhance the efficiency and speed of an outbound operation. It can also enhance store-friendly delivery and reduce transport costs by optimising the loading of dollies, pallets and roll cages.

Order consolidation
Material flows from different (order picking) areas come together in an automated storage and retrieval system. Vanderlande’s shuttle systems (MICROSHUTTLE, ADAPTO and HDS) are cost-effective solutions for the short-term storage of order totes and cartons. Due to its high capacity, QUICKSTORE HDS is most suitable for this purpose.

Within a short time period, flows can be sorted and grouped per order, delivery unit or shipment, and then dispatched in the precise sequence required. The result is fast, efficient order consolidation and store-friendly delivery with minimum manual labour requirements.


Automated shipping sortation
By implementing automated shipping sortation systems, goods can automatically be directed to a lane associated with a retail outlet, delivery route or provider, and geographical area. This significantly increases efficiency, improves accuracy and reduces the costs per carton, or tote, handled.

Vanderlande has installed automated shipping sortation systems at many companies, including, Casaventa, Staples, Colombini and Herma.

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