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The modular hanging family for retail, omni-channel and e-commerce

AIRTRAX is an innovative and reliable family of products for transporting, sorting, sequencing and storing hanging goods. It delivers unrivalled benefits throughout any hanging goods handling operation.

The AIRTRAX family is designed to move significant volumes of goods efficiently is effective for high-frequency environments. It includes Pocket, Hanger and Transporter.


AIRTRAX Pocket offers you an order fulfilment system suitable for the dynamics of omni-channel and/or e-commerce intralogistics. It can handle changing order profiles easily by using unique sequencing technology. 

The Pocket system is extremely flexible in handling rapidly growing and changing product portfolios. Returns handling has never been so efficient, because returned items are handled directly and made automatically available for new customers.


AIRTRAX Hanger is specifically developed for the fashion retail and fashion e-commerce channels. It transports, sorts and stores large volumes of hanging garments across large distances. The Hanger system is a complete product portfolio for automated handling of single hanging items. This allows for an optimal design in your hanging garment transport and sorting system. 


AIRTRAX Transporter is designed for efficient and user-friendly transportation of empty cartons. Whether removing empty cartons from your storage area or supplying them to packing tables, the transport system is flexible and cost-efficient.

The benefits of AIRTRAX include:


The highly modular design of the AIRTRAX system makes it easy to extend, allowing your order fulfilment system to grow alongside your business.


AIRTRAX makes the most of existing warehouse space and enables full 3D layouts. It also facilitates left and right sortation exits and offers the shortest curve radius on the market. 


AIRTRAX is the very first 100% friction-driven concept on the market and runs without the interruptions associated with traditional chains and with fewer controls required.

Moreover, there is no need to oil or grease the chain, offering a high level of goods presentation. 

Highest capacity

AIRTRAX delivers high throughput rates and rapid sortation.

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