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Cross-docking is a lean logistics solution that meets the challenges of modern retail distribution. Direct trans-shipment of products to stores on an on-demand basis – instead of delivery from stock – ensures products get to customers faster, and eliminates warehouse stock costs, material handling and personnel time.

Automated cross-docking is especially beneficial for fresh products to ensure product quality. Vanderlande has implemented automated cross-docking systems for food retailers, such as E.Leclerc.

The system is especially useful for push flows to create a fast fashion model when handling apparel and footwear. Automated cross-docking is also gaining popularity for dealing with high-tech products and electronics to achieve a short time-to-market window.

Vanderlande’s cross-docking system, based on automated sortation and VISION software, has a wide range of benefits, including:

  • reduction of manual labour by as much as 50%
  • easier and more efficient way to fill store shelves
  • significantly improved accuracy - ensuring 100% correct deliveries
  • built-in tracking and tracing, making the supply chain more visible
  • the overall process can be actively monitored and managed


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