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The CROSSORTER is a cross-belt sorter suitable for a wide range of product carriers, such as media, envelopes, sacks, cartons, trays and totes. It can also sort loose items, including clothes and accessories.

It is used mainly in batch-picking processes and cross-docking systems, and as a shipping sorter. It has capacity for up to 18,000 carriers per hour. Vanderlande has a range of CROSSORTERs, which include the 700, 1200 and 1500 versions.

The company is committed to ensuring materials are used in a way that ensures their return into technical or biological cycles. The CROSSORTER is built using sustainable materials, consisting of technological or biological materials that are safe and healthy for both humans and the environment.

The company has implemented cross-belt sorters at many well-known companies, including Nike, Urban Outfitters, Marie Claire and GAME Stores.

The following results have been achieved with the CROSSORTER:

  • 99% of all materials used are easy to dismantle and recycle
  • 90% of the materials used are environmentally friendly
  • 80% more energy efficiency than conventional cross-belt sorters.

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