Vanderlande’s MICROSHUTTLE is a value-added and energy efficient solution for low- to medium-throughput applications in a broad range of industries. An important advantage is its scalability – as throughput requirements increase, the system can be expanded with additional shuttles.
The MICROSHUTTLE is an automated storage and retrieval system and part of Vanderlande’s QUICKSTORE range of miniloads, shuttles and load-handling devices. The shuttles are not dedicated to one storage level, but can move between different levels in the racking via a lift. They make use of capacitors – ensuring they can operate autonomously, without the need for power rails in the aisles – and utilise wireless communication.
Scalability and flexibility
Each MICROSHUTTLE system can grow with an individual business and match the required throughput. For example, a system with 12 levels can start with only two shuttles, keeping the initial investment low. As throughput requirements increase, shuttles can be added individually until the maximum lift capacity is reached.
Cost effective and energy efficient
During the development of the QUICKSTORE MICROSHUTTLE, much attention was paid to minimising weight, with the design geared towards a lightweight, energy efficient and cost-effective system. The optimum combination of motor performance, acceleration and speed ensures energy efficiency.
High accessibility and availability
Every location in the racking can be reached manually. If a shuttle needs to be serviced, it can easily be removed from the system while other shuttles take over the responsibility for storage and retrieval. This creates a highly redundant system with a high level of availability.