Vanderlande’s QUICKSTORE miniload AS/RS automatically stores and retrieves cartons, trays and totes from racking locations. They help to save floor space, reduce energy use and lower handling costs.
The company offers a range of standard miniloads and load-handling solutions, including: single or double-deep storage; single or double mast; single, double or quadruple shuttles; and load-handling devices based on belts, telescope or vacuum telescope.
Vanderlande’s BARRACUDA is a highly reliable load-handling device for multi-deep products in post-beam racking. It handles cartons, totes and trays of variable dimensions in a form-locked, positive way, which guarantees maximum availability.
Selecting the appropriate miniload AS/RS depends on the storage capacity and required throughput. Vanderlande’s miniloads have been implemented in a wide range of industries, such as parts and components, automotive, food, fashion and non-food. More than 1,000 miniloads have already been installed for companies, including Tommy Hilfiger, Herma and GAME Stores.
These solutions offer a range of benefits, including:
  • high-storage density, saving up to 60% in floor space
  • no heating or lighting requirements in the storage area
  • high performance – up to 250 movements per hour optimising throughput
  • improved accuracy, delivering enhanced customer service.