Unit load (Pallet high-bay storage)

Pallet handling forms a vital part of the production and distribution process. It  extends from goods receiving to the shipping of finished products or sorted  deliveries. Therefore, fast, smooth and efficient pallet handling is essential.
By sorting pallets in automated storage and retrieval  systems (AS/RS), or pallet high-bay storage, a reduction in handling can  be achieved. Optimum use of available floor space is also a benefit. Various  types of (semi) AS/RS solutions can be integrated for (temporary) storage of  raw materials or (semi) finished products.
Traditionally pallets are stored in racks, flow racks or block stacking and picked by forklift trucks. Automated pallet-picking systems can deliver significant benefits by ensuring constant capacity and careful product handling.
When combined with pallet conveyors and sortation systems, this can provide a fully  automated pallet-picking process. Vanderlande has already implemented these  systems with Argos, Colombini,  Arrow Electronics, Edeka and Tchibo.