In an age of high demand and instant access, today’s consumers expect rapid deliveries as and when requested. The trend for next-day and even same-day deliveries is increasing, as is the rapid growth of online sales across many sectors. This means that large quantities of small orders have to be handled on a daily basis.
E-commerce distribution centres are challenged to fulfill thousands of orders with ever-shrinking lead times. In addition, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, which means error-free picking is vital. A high proportion of customer returns must also be processed.
Vanderlande is a market leader in the e-commerce industry with a proven track record for the world’s largest e-tailers. The company’s efficient and accurate solutions have been designed to help its customers overcome their complex challenges and deliver a positive consumer experience. 
Vanderlande has vast experience in the design, development and implementation of value-added products and services. These include batch picking and sortation, zone picking, compact picking (goods-to-person) and consolidation.

Batch picking

Combines product demand from multiple orders into one pick instruction.

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Beneficial for distribution centres which face a large product range and very high service-level requirements.

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