Manufacturing in the fashion industry is influenced by many unpredictable factors. These include climate, seasonal demand, and trends that come and go – often unexpectedly. Coupled with the recent rise in online ordering, this global industry has become more fast-paced and enterprising than ever. 
Omni-channel approach
The boom of e-commerce has paved the way for the rise of an omni-channel approach. In order to meet real-time demand, it has become increasingly important to unify the consumer experience across all channels. As the number of SKUs continues to rise, inventory optimisation, product availability and timely order fulfilment are crucial.
Overcoming challenges together
Vanderlande understands the complexities of the fashion market. We provide industry-leading technology and tools to help you overcome the unique challenges, remain competitive and respond to changing styles. As such, an integrated warehouse solution – comprising hardware, software and services – is crucial.
End-to-end support
Our value-added solutions cover the entire warehouse process, from goods receiving to shipping. They include the innovative AIRTRAX concept, a modular, flexible and convenient system for the movement of hanging goods. 
We also provide goods-to-person, automatic sorting, and batch and zone picking solutions. These are already in operation for some of the world’s leading fashion brands, including H&M, Nike, Next, Urban Outfitters and Tommy Hilfiger.


Used for cartons and other items.

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Batch picking

Utilised mainly for flat items.

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