Food retail

Today’s consumers demand a wide selection of fresh, high-quality produce and excellent service. The growth in online grocery shopping is also influencing the market and shorter throughput times are vital. Food retailers are therefore facing significant challenges in their warehouse logistics processes. 
Low margins make it necessary to reduce the cost per case handled and improve downstream efficiency. Point-of-sale information may trigger reduced lead times, or the need for more frequent and reliable deliveries. The ability to handle peak in-store selling times must also be factored in.
To support its customers in this challenging market, Vanderlande provides value-added systems that enable fully automated order picking across a wide range of products, and tote picking for fresh and dairy products. The company can also provide solutions to help reduce transport costs by improving pallet-fill rates. 
Many of the world’s leading food retailers already rely on the company’s vast experience in the automated warehousing market. Vanderlande’s solutions include automated case picking (ACP) systems, which build stable pallets with maximum efficiency. Goods-to-person and cross-docking systems are also available to ensure the smooth handling of any product type.  

Automated case picking

Offers a store friendly delivery to multiple stores and reduces transport costs.

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Automated tote picking

Transports totes automatically to be palletised in order to fulfill store orders.

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Ideal for slow-moving products.

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Cross docking

Especially useful for ensuring the quality of fresh products.

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