Parts and components

Warehouse logistics for technical items, components and spare parts have challenging customer requirements. Next-day delivery, late cut-off times for orders and value-added services are essential. Large numbers of different items have to be stored and maintained, placing specific requirements on the tracking and tracing of serial numbers within the material handling system. The bottom line means that it is vital to have a low cost per case handled and optimum downstream efficiency.
User-friendly deliveries can significantly reduce supply chain costs and enhance service levels to stores. Common solutions for parts and components are zone picking and goods-to-man (also named goods-to-person) systems, including miniloads, shuttles and ergonomic workstations.
Shuttle technology has become the preferred solution for this sector, due to its versatility. Vanderlande’s ADAPTO shuttle concept combines ultimate flexibility with excellent integration of ergonomic workstations for order picking.
An impressive track record has enabled Vanderlande to build strong partnerships with top wholesalers in sanitary, heating and ventilation parts and components. These include the supply of systems on multiple sites for warehousing giants such as Bosch, Würth, Fabory, Arrow Electronics, Sonepar and Ahlsell.

Zone picking

Divides the picking area into individual zones and is used for a wide range of applications.

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Beneficial for distribution centres which face a large product range and very high service-level requirements.

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Batch picking

Combines product demand from multiple orders into one pick instruction.

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