Release your DC’s potential with smart item robotics (SIR)

The development of robot technology is accelerating, and continual software and sensor upgrades enable robots to be more interactive with their environments. 
Automation has made great inroads into increasing operational efficiencies, improving ergonomics and reducing picking errors.
It is this combination of factors that has pushed the idea of collaborative robotics to the forefront as a viable solution for modern DCs.
A future in which robots do the menial activities within a DC, while being managed by human operatives, is rapidly becoming a reality.
That’s where Vanderlande’s SIR comes in. It is an effective and risk-free way of gradually introducing robotic technology into your DC, while retaining high levels of scalability and flexibility.
At all times, we strive to improve your operational activities and expand your logistical achievements by creating fast, reliable and efficient automation technology.

Discover how Vanderlande and SIR can future-proof your DC


How you benefit

Flexible deployement of robot and human operator
Optimal picking without SKU teaching
Smooth and secure item handling
Compact stacking of picked items
Reduced shipping costs

Find out how SIR can help to future-proof your DC

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Discover how Vanderlande and SIR enable you to see things from a new perspective in our special 360° virtual reality movie. See how you can gradually introduce robotic technology into your DC, while retaining high levels of scalability and flexibility.
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