Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO)

Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) concluded an agreement to acquire Vanderlande from the company’s previous owner NPM Capital and other minority shareholders in 2017. Having celebrated its 90th anniversary the previous year, the company comprises four business sectors: automotive assembly and key components; material handling; third-party logistics; and textile machinery. Material handling represents around half of TICO’s total business.


Toyota Material Handling has been the world’s number one lift truck manufacturer since 2002, as well as the number one in the Japanese market over the past 50 years. An expansive line-up provides manual truck solutions for all material handling needs, and it also supplies automated trucks, shuttles and AGVs in order to maximise warehouse efficiency and flexibility.

In 2006, all related brands were placed under the Toyota Material Handling Group (TMHG). Through this organisation, TICO pursues synergies among historically strong brands with the aim of further strengthening its global competitiveness.

TMHG’s vision is that through being a total solution provider for the material handling business, it contributes to a comfortable society and enriched lifestyles.

To help achieve this, TICO also acquired Bastian Solutions, a leading systems integrator that combines scalable material handling systems, innovative software and custom automation engineering, in 2017.

Toyota Material Handling and Vanderlande: for every challenge a reliable solution