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Today, a store visit has to be an enjoyable experience. People want to browse shelves full of products, and touch and feel items before buying. They also expect the full attention of your staff and to receive all-round service excellence. Your customers demand these as standard, and you have to deliver, so they keep coming back – time and again.

Dealing with growing volumes of diversified stock and multiple store formats needs to be  relevant and agile. Plus, the expanding number of stock-keeping units (SKUs) means you must find better ways to use space, while providing those store-friendly deliveries.

You also want your staff to serve customers, instead of spending time replenishing shelves and therefore possibly blocking shopping aisles. Our solutions enable you to deliver goods to your stores, stacked on pallets in the most optimal way, exactly matching the floorplan of each store. That’s what we call store-friendly deliveries.

We understand the complexities of running a successful retail store operation. Using our expertise, we’ll provide you with access to our next generation of scalable solutions. They will support your desired growth strategy through an integrated portfolio of innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services.

Why not act on our expertise and get the job done for your warehouse. Many of the world’s largest retailers have chosen to partner with us because we’re an established leader in logistics process automation.

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“We selected Vanderlande as a partner due to its adaptability, flexibility and way of thinking”
Olivier Louvard, Adhérent Socamaine | E.Leclerc
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“Thanks to the automation, we have the highest pick accuracy in the Asda network.”
David Marshall, Senior Manager Engineering | Asda
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“The QUICKSTORE miniload has improved our productivity with 46%”
Juan José Ojeda, Head of Logistics | Camper
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Every company and every market is different. This is reflected in the layout of your warehouse. Our warehousing experts are available to offer tailor-made advice.