Optimizing storage, saving floorspace and managing internal traffic patterns – the ingredients for a perfect flight make-up that matches your needs.  

Baggage is gathered in chutes or on lateral belt conveyors or carousels before being loaded into carts or containers and taken for unloading at the apron. We offer a range of make-up solutions – from fully automated robot loading to lifting aids – that will help you take care of the whole process.  

We are also continuously working on solutions that will deliver even greater automation and efficiency. Our ultimate goal is to allow the solution to take the strain, giving you and your staff the freedom to supervise operations. 

Our make-up products


Integrated robot loading is no longer a technology for tomorrow – in fact it’s here today and has the potential to transform your make-up operations. We have the expertise to integrate robotics into your baggage make-up areas.

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STACK@EASE is an ergonomic, intuitive and user-friendly solution that greatly reduces the risk of strain and injury caused by heavy-lifting tasks. It helps operators to load containers (ULDs) and carts more productively by minimising their physical workload.

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Every airport is different. This is reflected in your layout – and the advice offered by our experts.