Life cycle planning

Providing operational peace of mind

Modern warehousing operations have to be prepared to cope with a wide range of complexity. Your logistic process automation is in demand around the clock, driven by the continued need for elevated customer service levels and unpredictable fluctuations in market demand. That means your systems have to be totally reliable and deliver optimal performance over time. Coping with significant downtime is not an option.

A tailor-made solution

Although investing in a suitable preventive and corrective maintenance program is crucial, this alone is not sufficient to guarantee ongoing system performance. That’s why we offer comprehensive lifecycle planning. A custom-made lifecycle plan gives you an overview of actions that need to be taken during the system’s lifetime. It also considers risks and investments, and keeps you updated in the case of “end of product life” or “end of technical life” for components.

What can you expect from our lifecycle plans?

We offer a variety of options, from basic end-of-product life reviews to more extensive life-cycle planning activities.

We provide insight into whether your system matches your current business objectives.

We plan how to reduce the risk relating to the most critical parts of the system by assessing the health condition and criticality of the asset.

We offer insights into any bottlenecks and advise on how to remove them.

And if required, we assess different scenarios based on your business outlook to ensure your system is future-proof.

By developing a lifecycle plan with us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • clear insights into risks and costs, to help balance investments
  • multi-year budgeting
  • and system performance that meets your current and future business requirements.

Please note that the lifecycle planning process does not include regular maintenance activities. Our team of experts is available to discuss the creation of a lifecycle plan for your operations, providing you with an overview of actions that need to be taken during system lifetime.

Like to know more?

At Vanderlande, we avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. We’ll work closely with you to decide on the best logistic solutions for your specific needs.