Vanderlande has developed the VIBES software suite, which provides flexible, effective and integrated control. It is a smart solution that fully supports baggage handling operations, from check-in through to final reconciliation and loading.

End-to-end system control

It enables you to analyse baggage handling performance and ensure fewer bags miss their flights. In addition, less operators are needed and minimal floor space is required.

Accurate monitoring and reporting

VIBES can be configured to match all types of business processes. The core offering is available in Essentials. This controls your complete solution, such as screening, scanning and sortation, and guarantees seamless tracking, monitoring and reporting of all bags. Five optional modules provide further features and benefits.

Its highly accurate tracking-and-tracing functionality means passengers can be kept informed of the status of their belongings at all times. This results in fewer delays, a reduction of mishandled bags and accelerated turnaround times.