Consumers can buy whatever they want, whenever they want – with delivery options even on the same day. The increasingly high levels of expectation in our dynamic world require an equally sophisticated logistic network.  

The pressure’s on for package companies to deliver excellent customer service. To achieve this, you can embrace the drive towards automation – and overcome the challenges posed by the lack of manpower and space. 

This is where one of our game-changing solutions excels: introducing DIRECTSORT, the perfect match for your sorting facility. This is a modular, future-proof and straightforward approach that sorts packages with the aim of optimizing the total cost of ownership. 

DIRECTSORT comes in configurable modules, tailored to the specific needs of each depot. This helps to reduce the initial investment and allocates the right volume at the right time. It also allows for the introduction of new technologies to reduce the dependency on manual labor, facilitate growth and reduce operational costs. 


Packages are unloaded on to a conveyor from a van or truck.


Locates, measures, weighs and checks packages.


Packages are sorted to the right destinations.


Packages are loaded from conveyors into vans or trucks.

Control room

Oversees and controls all aspects to ensure a smooth process.

Handling a wide range of packages – and defining the optimal sortation solution.

Offering a scalable solution that adapts to different volumes, packages and technologies.

Benefiting from durability – for easy maintenance – and the capacity to handle variable flows.


CROSSORTER 1200 and 1500

The CROSSORTER provides a highly flexible solution to handle a wide range of products including odd-shaped packages and totes.

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Our POSISORTER is a sliding shoe sorter that combines advanced conveyance technology and careful product handling. It provides high-capacity sortation of a wide range of products and can handle over 10,000 cartons per hour.

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The COMPAXORTER is a high-capacity, horizontal sorting conveyor that can move a wide range of parcels. In fact, it can handle anything from small packages to larger parcels.

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.M Conveyor range

The Vanderlande .M conveyor range combines three technologies – belt, roller and multibelt conveyors – to transport any product type. They have also been designed to allow for future adjustments to the system to match your changing business requirements.

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“Vanderlande’s experts really listened to our needs, and from a technology and layout perspective developed a great solution in a relatively short period of time.”
Dalibor Doubek, Process and Program Manager | PPL CZ
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“Vanderlande is a good partner for Austrian Post, because it gives us a ‘feelgood’ package…. test”
Andrea Pilz-Kapfinger, Regional Logistic Centre Manager | Austrian Post
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“Trust is vital, and we are also fortunate to have market-leading products and support from our partnership with Vanderlande”
Marian Stanescu, Depot Manager | FAN Courier
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“10 weeks and tons of hard work went into setting up our brand new parcel sortation centre in York, UK.”
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Every package company and market are different. This is reflected by the various layouts of depots and sortation centers. Our experts are available to offer help and advice in every respect.