Sorting irregulars

“Irregular” packages have unusual dimensions and weights that are outside of the boundaries defined by the package companies. These include mailing tubes, or anything that isn’t inside a cardboard box, an envelope, or a poly mailer. 

When these irregulars are added into the mix, the challenge is to sort every item within the required time frame and to the correct destination – without the need for manual intervention. 

Vanderlande offers a complete range of line and loop sorters to cater for every eventuality. The optimum solution depends on the different sizes, weights and kinds of products being handled. Other important factors are the required capacity, and the size and layout of the main building. 

Our sorting range for irregulars

POSISORTER for irregulars

The POSISORTER is renowned for sorting regular-sized and -shaped packages. However, with a few modifications, it can also be used for irregular items that cannot be handled by other sorting systems.

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Every package company and market are different. This is reflected by the various layouts of depots and sortation centers. Our experts are available to offer help and advice in every respect.